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Research Mastery Program for Healthcare Professionals


The Research Mastery Program is a one year Hybrid Learning Program with video sessions, learning materials, live QnA, real world activities and much more. Video sessions are by Dr. Anoop Lal, Director of CPH. The program simplifies hardcore research concepts for healthcare professionals and provides opportunities to participate in actual research related activities.  See course content and sample sessions below.

Program Highlights

  • Video sessions to learn Research Fundamentals
  • Live Advanced Sessions and QnA by Experts
  • Demonstrations of Research Software
  • One to One Mentoring sessions with Experts
  • Handbook & Learning Materials
  • Real world Activities and Engagements
  • Special Training on Grants Application Writing
  • Objective Type Assessment
  • Globally Valid Certification
  • One year research club membership
  • Publishing credits with CPH partner journals
  • Discounts on research support services



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