Music for Health

Music has the power to Heal. Learning Classical Music can nurture Health and Wellbeing. Experience Wholesome Health by learning Raagas that rewire your entire system..

Carnatic Music

What Research Says..

Learning music rewires the brain in many ways. Research has identified six key health benefits of music education, irrespective of age of the individual.

Reduces anxiety and stress

Increased number of connections between the brain cells enhances the processing power of the brain, leading to better endurance to stressful situations.

Eases pain and discomfort

Soothing music releases endorphins when you listen to it. But this release is in much larger amount when you play music yourself.

Promotes positive moods and emotions

The vibrations produced by music harmonises human emotions to produce better moods.

Improves cognition

Structured music lessons can improve language-based reasoning, planning and cognition.

Improves memory

Rhythm and melodies help our brains form patterns to improve memory.

Better bonding and relations

Help create a shared experiences beyond the mundane activities of modern day social life.

Music4Health Club

This is a monthly online gathering of classical music stalwarts, health professionals and music lovers from around the world to explore the health benefits of music. As the maestros play their soothing tunes and the freshers try out their budding skills, guests will gain first hand experience of the amazing new ways music can change their lives. Club members also receive big discounts on our music for health lessons.

Music Lessons

We have partnered with leading musicians of the Indian Classical Music genre to provide online music lessons based on ragaas that enhance health and wellbeing. Explore the options below to enroll for the stream of your choice.

Carnatic Music

Vocal Lessons

Weekly one-hour session in batches of 5

$149.00 / 1 month


Violin Lessons

Weekly one-hour session in batches of 5

$149.00 / 1 month


Keyboard Lessons

Weekly one-hour session in batches of 5

$149.00 / 1 month


Wholistic Programs

We conduct many wholistic health programs which are free to join. Click each tab to learn more and join.

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