Corporate Wellness

Work teams need to be in perfect states of physical, mental and social welbeing so as to bring about optimal results for the firm. The CPH Corporate Wellness programme helps companies achieve this at resonable costs.

Corporate Wellness Services

Wellness Seminar

Health Risk Assessment

Stress Management

Enterprise Wellness Planning

Wellness Seminar

The Corporate Wellness Seminar is a landmark event for every working person for its transformative effects on lifestyle, wellness and motivational levels. Carefully crafted by picking scientifically proven principles of wellness and delivered as motivational messages spanning six core areas, the seminar lays a solid foundation towards establishing a well and productive workforce.

Health Risk Assessment

Knowledge and motivation alone seldom suffice. It is also necessary to assess the health risks that individual employees have and set them right. The Health Risk Assessment Program does exactly that. Health status of individual employees are studied in detail and remedial measures are suggested by a team of expert doctors.

Stress Management Programme

Stress is the biggest wellness barrier and productivity killer at workplace. The stress management program is prepared based on scientifically proven stress reduction techniques and age old wellness principles. The program effectively deals with the physical, mental, inter-personal and spiritual dimensions of stress and helps to establish a routine that takes the steam out of stress building habits.

Enterprise Wellness Planning

Workplace wellness is an ongoing process that requires meticulous planning and diligent execution. Get a technology enabled Wellness program implemented at your enterprise to suit your annual budget. Components of the program include App based Wellness Tracking and Analytics, Condition Management and Referral System, Health Insurance Planning, and more.

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