About CPH

About CPH

CPH Vision

A world where healthcare is about enabling human beings to live at their peak, in complete harmony with the environment.

CPH Mission

Simplifying Healthcare by Integrating Modern Medicine with Enterprising Best Practices

CPH Divisions

CPH is a Social Enterprise established to advance research, development and services in the preventive health sciences. The four operational divisions of CPH – Research, Consultancy, Training and Care – work in tandem to develop and promote innovations that can be delivered at affordable costs.

The objective of the Research division is to conduct epidemiological studies and to test health and wellness innovations.

The Consultancy division provides services to government and non-government Institutions and Agencies in the fields of health and wellness.

The Training division is engaged in developing the skills of healthcare professionals in areas of research and technology enabled delivery of optimal care.

The Care services of CPH are delivered through online and off-line platforms to individuals and communities in the form of Programs and Clinics.

Director's Message

Director's Message


“Bulk of global resources spent on healthcare today are actually spent for ‘disease-care’, having created thereby the second largest industry in the world. Research and development efforts are largely directed at therapeutic measures rather than preventive strategies.

Even though ‘Prevention is Better than Cure’ not just in terms of ‘pain saved’, but also in terms of overall health expenditure, preventive healthcare has seldom received the attention it deserves. But this scenario is changing worldwide, owing to heightened awareness among people, thanks to the information revolution. For the first time in the history of mankind, people are increasingly seeking ways to stay healthy.

CPH aims to serve as a leading light in developing innovative health and wellness solutions and bringing these to people at affordable costs; done by building meaningful collaborations and partnerships.”

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