Simplifying Healthcare

by Integrating Modern Medicine and Wholistic Best Practices through Technology

CPH Divisions


The Research division conducts/supports epidemiological studies and helps with the testing of healthcare innovations.


The Training programs of CPH are delivered through online and off-line platforms, in the form of Courses and Fellowships.


The Consultancy division provides services to government and non-government Institutions and Agencies.


The Care services of CPH are provided to individuals and communities in the form of Programs and Online Clinics.

Training Programs

Medical Research Masterclass

The Medical Research Masterclass is a Hybrid Learning Program taught by Anoop Lal, MD, Director, CPH. With Free and Full options, the course simplifies hardcore research concepts for all healthcare professionals interested in research.

About CPH

About CPH

CPH is a Social Enterprise established to advance research, development and services in the preventive health sciences. The four operational divisions of CPH – Research, Training, Consultancy and Care – work in tandem to develop and promote innovations that can be delivered at affordable costs.

Care Clinics

Care Clinics are preventive care services provided by the Care division of CPH and can be availed by booking online appointments. Click on each tab to book.

Preventive Cardiology

Be it primary prevention of heart disease by controlling the risk factors or secondary prevention by early diagnosis and treatment, we make sure that your heart stays in good shape.

Preventive Oncology & Women's Health

Cancers do not happen suddenly. They often start in your genes and manifest due to long term exposure to environmental factors. Get yourself tested and practice targeted prevention.

Diabetology & Lifestyle

Diet, physical activity and body weight are some of the factors that determine the prevention and control of lifestyle diseases including diabetes. Streamline your lifestyle by getting the right advice.

Preventive Dentistry

Preventive dentistry is the practice of caring for your teeth and mouth to keep them healthy. This helps to avoid cavities, gum disease, enamel wear, and more. 

Preventive Pediatrics

Preventive Pediatrics is the prevention of childhood diseases and the promotion of physical, mental, and social well-being for children to reach optimal growth and development.

Counseling Services

Stress is the one of the greatest killers of human health and productivity. Take the stress test and talk to our counsellors online to get rid of stress, anxiety and emotional issues.

Wholistic Programs

The Wholistic Health Programs leverage the benefits of time-tested health practices for preventing diseases and promoting wellness. Click on each tab to enroll for free.

The Laughter Club

Laughter is the best medicine. We conduct exclusive online laughter sessions every week for those who have enrolled with the laughter club.

Music for Health

The healing power of music is well documented. But did you know that learning classical music enhances your health, wellbeing and performance ?

Yoga & Meditation

Yoga comes in many flavours. But classical hata yoga has the greatest life enhancing effect and the health benefits are untold. Learn it from the very source.

Pro Services

The professional services of CPH are provided by the Research, Training and Consultancy divisions and are aimed at healthcare professionals and institutions.

Research Services

We support individual healthcare professionals and institutions in advancing their research goals. Be it fund raising, co-investigation or data analysis CPH is the best research partner you can think of.

Training & Development

Skill building is the cornerstone of professional success. We conduct online courses for healthcare professionals in the fields of epidemiology, research methods and data science.

Technology Spearheading

Technology enables the effective and efficient delivery of healthcare services. We serve as an interphase between the medical community and tech companies to facilitate healthcare technology innovations. Contact us to explore partnerships.

Corporate Wellness

Wellness and freedom from stress are the strongest determinants of work performance. We partner with companies of all sizes to make sure that their work forces remain at the peak of wellness, constantly delivering optimal outcomes.

COVID 19 Support

COVID 19 Data Analysis

Struggling to find the resource to move fast enough? Our Professional Services team is ready to support your organization through this challenging period. With extensive experience in Spatial Data Science, Web & Mobile App Development & UX - they are already...

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